Sunday, 10 November 2013

M&S Advert

Marks & Spencers christmas advert for 2013 is all about using fairytale stories to advertise their products.

Firstly we see the model go down the rabbit hole and land at the mad hatters tea party where she has the choice to pick any product she wants ranging from accessories to products for the home and food, then she gets chased by two human playing cards, followed by little red riding hood where she comes across a gingerbread house. From then she is whisked away on a magic flying carpet which is representing the fairytale 'Aladdin' which we see lingerie advertised, followed by 'The Wizard of OZ' where she's showing off a white party dress and a pair of red heels, the model then rings a doorbell where a witch answers and says 'I love the shoes', red shoes are then tapped together where the advert comes to an end. 

This advert has been very well thought out and planned to make it magical to entice people into buying there products and popping into there stores this christmas. I think the advert works very well together, the products have been shown well. Its a feel good advert that takes you back to childhood memories, it almost makes you feel young again and puts a smile on the viewers face which in turn will make the viewer remember the advert and will be more likely to visit their store. 

I'm interested in the detailing and story this advert tells going from one fairytale to another in a swift combination that works well. This advert follows on nicely from researching Tim Walker's fairytale photography where attention to detail and story telling is key. What I love about this advert is its inspiring and appealing element with the fairytale concept, it takes you back to good memories and thats the effect I want my own magazine to have one thats inspiring and interesting to look at and something thats flows and tells a story. Elements from this advert can be taken to help me when it comes to building up a scene and story for my photo shoots, as its inspiring and has a strong concept behind it that works. Although my concept isn't focused on fairytales the use of detail and story telling within this advert and previous works from photographers I have been researching are along the lines of the style of images I hope to create within my own story telling of various themes, i.e. Hostility and Friendliness, Serene and Chaos, in order to create stories from these opposite words this advert will help me focus on stylising ideas for shoots.   


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