Friday, 1 November 2013

Bela Borsodi

Bela Borsodi is an Australian photographer, his style of work is combining aspects of fine art, graphic design, craft, and psychology, which offers surreal imagery that makes clothing and accessories 3-dimensional. Borsodi says...

"I love making things and putting things in an unusual context incorporating various languages coming form art and graphic design - eroticism is also a fascination of me that I love exploring."

Below is a series of photographs from his 'heart of stone' collection that featured in issue 11 of Tatler magazine. 

I absolutely love these photographs, the composition of light and dark, shadows and darkness is really inspiring as well as the positions and poses of the models, they portray passion and dominance.   

These jewellery editorials use a couple getting intimate to showcase the accessories, all of the images show dominance of the man but more so of the women's dominance over him which I think is something very powerful. This style of advertising can be very effective as its suggestive so if you wear this jewellery you will have a man that is as passionate as what's being showcased to you. 

The lighting within these images is my main focus, I like the shadows of darkness that blocks off parts of the body especially the mans which draws your eyes more towards the woman who is wearing the jewellery, you never see the male models face only parts of his body which indicates he is not the focus of this image but the woman is.

To achieve this style myself within my practice the shoot would have to take place in a studio in order to have total darkness and use of light boxes to give this full effect as effective as possible, this would give me that light on the models and the shadows I like so much. I will be experimenting with contrasts between light and dark within my own images, the simplicity of these images is one I admire even though they are simplistic they manage to give of an intense portrayal.

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