Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson is a Black and White fine art photographer based in the US. For Thompson...

..."Colour records the image, but Black and White captures the feelings that lie beneath the surface".

This quote for me really sums up the way in which I feel about black and white photography as apposed to colour. Black and white for me shows rawness and emotion and captures the realness of a scene. Colour is still very beautiful and captures feelings, just not the feelings beneath the surface which is what I am aiming for when producing this magazine.

I want those emotions to come through, as you will see below I have a before and after picture from Thompson's work. From this you can really see much more detail and feeling with the black and white image than you can in the colour version, this is what I want to capture in my images, that sense of emotion and rawness with all details in a single image being captured.

 Before image…

After Image...

You can really see the different in contrast between these images. The colour image to me is quite flat and lifeless compared to the black and white which gives off an emotion and rawness, with all the details of the clouds and surface makes it feel a lot more 'real'.

The feeling that comes from these images and any of Thompson's images are decided by the viewer, its what they think it means to them. This is a concept that involves my whole project, the images I will be creating are ones that the viewer themselves will decide what the images mean to them. Although they will have an underlying concept to them, ultimately the viewer decides what they mean.

Within my magazine there will be a featured article with an interview from Cole Thompson himself, where you will learn all about him and his work and what inspires him, and why he loves black and white photography.

Below are a couple of photographs by Thompson…

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