Thursday, 7 November 2013

Vogue Fairytale Shoots

Tim Walker also worked with Eugenio Recuenco for Vogue to create Vogue's fairytale shoots as the scenes are very stylised and have this fairytale theme running throughout which Tim is very brilliant at portraying. I will be looking at his work as inspiration for styling my own shoots as his use of props and location.

These series of shoots have all been delicately put together with every little detail being precise, this is what I love about his work the attention to detail is impeccable everything is placed and set out precisely which results in these seamlessly beautiful images. Each image is telling a story through visual communication with in dept thought into location, setting, outfits, hair and make-up to portray these fairytales in a much more showcase way picking out the underlaying sexuality or morbid atmosphere found in some of these childhood stories. 

Within my own work I wish to follow in his foot steps in relation to the amount of detailing goes into my shoots with the use of props etc. What I like about the images as well is they have so much depth running through them, the viewer is almost transported to there childhood memories which undoubtably makes you smile. This is the type of effect I want my own magazine to have on viewers is to feel inspired by the images and get a sense of a story behind each photograph and almost start unravelling the images to find out the meaning behind them. All of these images are sharp and crisp with every detail being captured.

Below are a few of Vogue's fairytale shoots...

'Alice and Wonderland' 


'Hansel and Grettal' 

'Princess and the pea'

'Snow White'

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