Sunday, 3 November 2013

Luke Woodford

Luke Woodford is an internationally published London and Brighton based photographer, specialising in fashion, wedding and portrait photography. 

Woodford's 'abandoned fashion' series is described below as...

"...tantalises the viewer by it's concept, where light and darkness, life and death curiously intertwine to create a new, unworldly vision of what might have been. In his shoots he uses abandoned houses, empty staircases and dilapidated walls which all bear the seal of decay, yet they  are still imbued with the memories of people who use to dwell there, as if surmising their unseen presents. The ghostly charm of uninhabited spaces creates a dramatic contrast to a melancholic beauty of the youg models, wearing inspiring pieces from talented upcoming designers."

I absolutely love his series of photographs and the whole concept behind his work, as shown below...

The above image shows four models all dressed in the same wedding dress who have been placed in unusual poses in this run-down room where wall paper is peeling of the walls, the floor is covered in dust, the room is empty and as clearly been abandoned for some time. 

The contrast between the beautiful haute couture dresses and the derelict building shows an appreciation resulting in beautiful images with a strong and empowering aura. When I stop and think about this image more closely its suggesting that these models are part of the building the way they have been placed, almost as if their slowing eroding with this building, like there's no escape from inside these walls.

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