Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tim Walker

After finding the work of Luke Woodford it reminding me of Tim Walker and his work because of the use of old buildings, so I did a bit of research. 
Tim Walker is a British fashion photographer who's photographs have entranced the readers of Vogue, month after month, for over a decade. Extravagant staging and romantic motifs characterise his unmistakable style. 

Tim Walker's work is visually exciting, influential and extravagant in scale his ambition in photographs are instantly recognisable for their eye-opening originality, Walker's work dazzles with life, colour and humour. 

He claims the camera...
 "is simply a box put between you and what you want to capture."

Everything in his pictures are specially constructed with installations, extraordinary props and models on show. His work is underpinned by a magical and eccentric charm he has the ability to capture the imagination in a single image, their imaginary, fantastic and bazaar. 

Within my own practice I will be exploring the use of props and story telling throughout my images, to do this a lot of preparation, organisation and sourcing will be required, with story board ideas for shoots being produced.
I aim for my images to be interesting and inspiration for the viewer which is my magazine's aim, to inspire and excite. 

Below are a few of his most famous pieces, you can see the similarities between Luke's work and Tim's work with the run down buildings and the staging each of them explore with their photo shoots...

'Lily and the Spiral Staircase'

Above is an image called 'Lily and the Spiral Staircase' which was taken in Italy in 2005.

This image is one of my personal favourites, Lily Cole is posing on a spiral staircase wearing an unusually long, blue, flowing dress that has been draped over the side of the staircase creating this flow of blue fabric, almost like a river you follow up to show off every possible detail of the dress.

Walker's has used a lot of natural light in his work as he has done within this image which I think works extremely well with the tall windows, this shows off the patterns on the spiral staircase. 
This image was created as being a commercial advertisement so the main focus is showing off the dress, it shows visual appeal and desire of wanting this product.

I think its a beautiful image and again is almost fairytale-like, it reminds me of 'Rupunzel' with the long train of fabric acting like Rupunzels long blonde hair who is high up in a tower, but here she is high up on a staircase.

'Lily Cole and the Giant Watering Can'

Above is and image called 'Lily cole and the Giant Watering Can' which was taken in northumberland, England in 2004. 

The image shows Lily Cole posing in an ivory dress that covers her from head to toe which suggests a child-like innocents which I think adds to the overall purity of this image. She is holding a lamp whilst stood next to a giant watering can which is an object that is normally outside along with the giant butterflies, with him bringing them into an inside environment creates a contrast between what's expected and the parallel reality that has been created, which he brings in all of his work.

The lighting in this image is created by four lamps around the room that give of a warm glow, one of which is held by the model to light her body. The atmosphere of this image is very childhood-like and dream-like, the use of oversized objects reminds me of 'Alice in Wonderland' as it has that similar child-like dream feel and look within this fairytale. 

Overall I feel this image shows a soft representation of fairytale fantasy were he creates thought provoking images that let us see into Walker's imagination. 

"His Photographs remind us of our own capability to dream."

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