Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fashion Advertisements

Lara Stone by Calvin Klein

This advertisement by Calvin Klein uses both lightening and dominance to capture audiences attention to their brand. The model is captured half clothed posing in a sensual way but looking vulnerable with a man standing almost over her as we can see from the shadow captured on the right hand side of her. It brings real controversy in the way they have stylised this photograph as it sexualises woman and makes them look weak due to the shadow of a man standing over her showing dominance. The way this image has been lit and shadows created really inspire me within my own work.

Although this image can be seen as not being a positive images of women the idea behind the shoot relates to some of the opposite words I will be exploring such as: vulnerable, dominance and weakness. Looking at fashion advertisements has been a good place to start with gathering ideas for photo shoots and concepts, seeing whats been done, what works and what doesn't work. 

Below are two Dolce & Gabbana advertisements that relate to this idea of woman being seen as sexualised and weak...

With these images I am focusing more on the way the photographs have been set up and stylised to capture these words that I will be exploring within my own work, the way these images have been constructed is my interest.

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